Angkor Archaeological Park Passes Extended in 2021


Angkor Enterprise has announced that all ticket sales to the Angkor Archaeological Park from 11 March until the end of 2021 will include extended validity.

“The policy has been put into practice to facilitate and promote tourism services and to ensure that Angkor’s archaeological sites and the Kingdom overall retain their allure for tourists even amid the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Angkor Enterprise.

Between January and February 2021, 4,194 people bought tickets to the park.

How long are the Angkor Wat tickets valid for 2021?

The announcement from Angkor Enterprise, which is under the technical supervision of the Ministry of Tourism, and is under the financial supervision of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, control the sale of tickets to the Archaeological Park. They confirmed:

Normal Ticket

  • One Day Ticket: Valid for two days, $37
  • Three-day Ticket: Valid for five days, $62
  • Five-day Ticket: Valid for ten days, $72

Long-Period Ticket (valid for international visitors with a three-month visa)

  • One Month Ticket: Valid for two months
  • Three-Month Ticket: Valid for three months
  • Six-Month Ticket: Valid for twelve months

Ticket Sales 2020

Due to the global pandemic, a total of 400,889 tickets to the park were sold in 2020 which represented an 81.82 per cent decrease from 2019.

Tourism in Siem Reap

The Cambodian Ministry of Tourism has drafted a recovery roadmap and a strategy 2020-2025 to deal with the massive impact of COVID-19.

The Cambodian Ministry of Tourism (MoT) also previously confirmed it would waive licence renewal fees for 2021 to assist the struggling tourism industry.

Confluences, an incubator based in Phnom Penh, announced plans to open the first immersive 3D museum in Siem Reap called Immersive Angkor – dedicated to the Khmer heritage – on December 1st 2021.


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