International investors to have eased travel restrictions to Cambodia?


The SCCA (State Secretariat of Civil Aviation) this week announced that quarantine measures could be less severe for potential investors, technical experts and consultants coming to the Kingdom.

Cambodia’s quarantine restrictions 2020

In the wake of the strict travel and quarantine restrictions the Cambodian government has in place for visitors to Cambodia, which has severely impacted the potential tourism industry rebounding in the near future, the new announcement is good news for potential business leaders and investors who are looking to conduct business in Cambodia.

In an article by the Khmer Times, SSCA’s spokesman Sin Chansereyvutha said: “the government reviewed health and safety measures for potential investors.”

One of the potential changes would be reducing the cash deposit COVID-19 cover charge at from $3,000 to $2,000 for investors entering Cambodia. Currently, this applies to all visitors to Cambodia with a valid visa, except K-Visa (diplomatic visas) who are exempt from the deposit.

The ruling would also only apply to investors “whose names are catalogued in the investment list of the Council for the Development of Cambodia and other government memorandums.

What restrictions would apply to investors?

Would the other conditions regarding health and safety measures still apply? This refers to the two-week quarantine, and the required health insurance and health certificates.

“The government does not want to keep them in quarantine for 14 days once they arrive in Cambodia. Once they (investors) arrive at the airport, we will test them to figure out whether they have COVID-19 and then allow them to go, but the government will have IT [information technology] system or mobile phone application to track them. The investors come to Cambodia for only two or three days, so we want to facilitate them,” added Sin Chansereyvutha.

No tourist visas will be issued at the request of the Ministry of Health but other types of visas might be will under strict conditions.

In summary (although still to be approved), visiting investors technical experts and consultants coming to Cambodia may face the following:

  • $2,000 cash deposit to cover potential COVID-19 costs.
  • Tested on arrival for COVID and visitor to be tracked on an app (TBC).
  • Visa to be determined.
  • No 14-day quarantine if a negative test on arrival.
  • Health Insurance (TBC).
  • Certified medical certificate that states they are free of the COVID-19 infection- valid for up to 72 hours before arrival (TBC).
  • The person needs to catalogued in the investment list of the Council for the Development of Cambodia and other government memorandums.


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