Talks Aim To Boost Trade Between Cambodia And Russia

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen (left) shakes hands with Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev during their meeting to discuss bilateral trade last May.

Cambodia and Russia have initiated talks on how to increase bilateral trade of agriculture, garments, and oil, following a deal struck last May between Prime Minister Hun Sen and his Russian counterpart Dmitry Medvedev to import more than 3,000 products from the Kingdom to the world’s largest country under a zero-tariff scheme.

According to a meeting between Cambodia’s Ministry of Commerce secretary of state Tek Reth Kamrang and Russia’s ambassador Dmitry Tsvetkov, Cambodia has requested that Russia import milled rice, sugar, rubber and garment products such as winter coats.

Ministry of Commerce spokeswoman Soeung Sophary said yesterday the talks were to review the progress of trade relations and help highlight suitable products for the nations to trade. “We have potential with rice, so Russia will look at this, but they will also look at other sectors that Cambodia can export to Russia,” she said, adding that Russia saw Cambodia as a market for their oil.

Russia was also looking at Cambodia’s tourism sector, revealed Soeung Sophary. “If we have a direct flight between the two countries, I think more Russians will come to Cambodia.”

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