Thalias Group CEO Wins AOBA International Leading Brand Award


Arnaud Darc, CEO of Thalias Group, was awarded the “International Leading Brand Award– Cambodia– Conglomerate in F&B Excellence” at the ASEAN Outstanding Business Awards 2023 (AOBA) held in Malaysia.

Thalias Group now boasts over 1,000 employees in Cambodia and the 2023 AOBA chairman Raymond Woo said, “Our awardees have not merely earned their accolades; their nominations underwent a stringent selection process that included evaluations of business practices, sustainable development initiatives, and community outreach, ensuring they truly deserve this honour.”

AOBA is an association representing 15 ASEAN countries of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) which accounts for approximately a third of the global population and global GDP.

The award was a recognition for Mr. Darc “as one of the best business leaders in the region in the restaurant industry”, said the company’s official press release.

The CEO was unavailable to attend the awards due to commitments in France, and his business partner and friend, Luu Meng, represented him at the award ceremony.

The famous Cambodian chef said, “This award is a testament to our passion for exceeding expectations in the restaurant industry. Our journey continues, and we strive to elevate Cambodian cuisine on a global scale. We look forward to more culinary adventures and achievements!”

Luu Meng Thalias Group CEO Wins AOBA International Leading Brand Award
Luu Meng received the Thalias Group AOBA International Leading Brand Award in Malaysia

ASEAN Business Awards 2023

The ASEAN Business Awards 2023 seeks to recognise ASEAN business enterprises and individuals that drive growth through innovative solutions, as well as those that prioritise sustainability.

The 2023 edition was the first to be held since the COVID-19 pandemic. ASEAN country winners came from Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Brunei, Myanmar, and Singapore, alongside China, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Hong Kong, and Korea.

The awards emphasise the importance of collaboration and community empowerment in pursuing a more inclusive ASEAN society, highlighting the crucial role of partnerships in fostering peace and prosperity throughout the region.

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